Alternate Treeality™ Series

Trees tend to remind me of people. Each one seems to have their own body language that gives them their human-like qualities and story I feel when I see them. These trees walked right from nature into an other worldly place and time. Look closely at each and enjoy!

To order, click on the image(s) you desire and select the quantity, add to cart, then view the cart and follow the directions from there. Each image is mounted to a panel that lifts off the surface of the wall, then coated with a UV varnish. The sides and back are black and the back side includes the title and is signed by Denise. Please allow a couple of weeks for your order to be shipped. If you need it sooner, contact the artist here. TO ORDER PRINTS or other options, click here.

Historic Downtown

Balboa Park Composites (Sepia)

Balboa Park 100 Color Series

Each panel is 9 x 11-3/4″ and can be arranged on your wall in a variety of ways. They float off the wall in a dramatic presentation and do not need framing.